Friday, January 17, 2014

Mother Runners can party...

This week I had the pleasure of seeing my friends Dimity and Sarah at the Another Mother Runner event at the Road Runner Sports, Carlsbad. 

Me (left) with Dimity and my friend Mary 
If you haven't been to am AMR event, you're surely missing out. Sarah and Dimity wrote Run Like A Mother, the hilarious, real-life how-to book on how to get in shape without sacrificing all your obligations. In their follow-up, Train Like A Mother, they help readers find and train for a race, ranging from the 5K to the marathon. The popularity of the books have helped the duo's website, podcast and Facebook page become the go-to places for women runners to get advice, share experiences and build relationships.
Dimity (left) and Sarah talking about their latest,
"Train Like a Mother"

Honestly, it was a great night with some great people. Dimity and Sarah read a few passages from their books, told some pretty hilarious stories and gave away a butt-load of awesome prizes. Yes, butt-load is a real term. In fact, I won a prize. I actually never win anything. No, I'm not one of those people that win lots of things but exclaims, "Oh my, I NEVER win anything!" as I'm running up to claim one of my many prizes. I really never win anything. I am a loser. Though now I can't say that as I won a gift certificate that I can use towards something from 110% compression/recovery gear. This looks super sweet and I can't wait to use it. I haven't decided what I want, but I'll let you know! 

My super-awesome friend Joanna with Dimity.
Joanna won a watch from Soleus! 
Speaking of winning prizes, my friend Joanna won a watch from Soleus. Super lucky girl!!

I've been to a lot of these book-signing/running-celebrity events and I have to say, hanging with Dimity and Sarah and all the mother runners was one of my favorite events. Meeting other mother runners, who have to juggle kids/work/husband/life just like I do is quite empowering. You know, I love guys and guys have their stuff to deal with. But we women have a harder road to run. We do. There are far more bumps in the road (guys, you really can't say you have it worse than we do. Let's just leave it at menstruation, pregnancy and lactation, shall we?) and Dimity and Sarah have created a forum for us to talk about these things without embarrassment. In fact, we're all just a little more empowered and MUCH better runners because of it. 

And I'm so happy I finally got them to sign my book after all these years. Whenever I saw them, I didn't have it with me. And I feel really honored that Dimity said I was a BAMR. For those of you not in the know, BAMR means Bad Ass Mother Runner! 

Carry on, girls!

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