Friday, July 26, 2013

When to not give up

Yes, I'm admitting it: there are days I want to give up. Just forget it all. Throw in the towel and forget trying. Hey, I'm human too.

The past couple of months have been pretty tough for me. I don't typically talk about my tough days because my focus is to help all of you through your tough days. But I have them too. And lately, I've been having a lot of them.

Things at home have been very stressful and it's been affecting my health and my running. I've had to forgo some important runs due to both issues and illness. And while I'm still waiting to hear about what my own health issues are (according to my doctors, it doesn't look to be serious, so phew but still stressful!), I am doing my best to stay on top of training, healthy eating, kids, work, life, etc. Trust me, there are days when I feel like all the hard work is futile if I'm just going to be sick and tired anyway. If I'm doing everything right, then why do I feel this way? Well, there are no answers to this question (at least not yet) and sometimes you just have to stop and look at what's going on around you and *gasp* give yourself a break. Cut yourself some slack. When you are sick or dealing with something beyond your control, it's time to take a step back and be good to yourself so you can get through it. But, it's not a time to give up.

Really, it's when those tough days come, when we feel like giving up the most, that we have to hunker down and keep going. Sure, it's ok to take a rest day or maybe do less than what you're supposed to do, but don't stop all together. You will only add to your stress and add guilt, regret and possibly anger and frustration to the mix. But, when you think about it, when we get sick or are feeling especially horrid, it's our body's way of telling us it's time to take a break. It doesn't mean you have to stop all together, but it means it's time to slow it down a bit. Perhaps skipping an early morning run to get some sleep is the best thing to do. Or avoid intense workouts since you're more likely to cause injury when running through certain types of sickness. Whatever is on your training table, take it down a notch and get the rest your body obviously needs.

But remember, giving up shouldn't be an option. Yes, you may want to. The thought of working out may make you cry. That's ok. If it does, take the day off. But don't take so many days off that you can't get back on track. Do half your workout if possible. Just go for a walk. Whatever you have the strength and time for. Remember, cutting out all your physical activity and eating poorly will only add to you feeling badly (physically, emotionally and mentally). Just do what you can and give yourself a break. Because that moment when you can workout the way you want to? It's priceless and future success will be just around the corner :)

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