Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Halfway there (and then some)!

Our Run + Yoga Club has just over 4 weeks until their goal race: The America's Finest City Half Marathon and 5K. They have been working so hard all summer; we are so proud of them. For the past 8 weeks they've trudged up hills, run in the rare San Diego heat and humidity and sweated their you-know-whats off in their Yoga for Athletes class. They've blown through the halfway point and are in their final weeks! They will kill this race!

I love halfway points. In fact, my runs kind of center around them. I don't allow any talk of food or coffee until the halfway point in a run. It's too painful to start thinking about food too early in a long run :) Seriously, though, I love cutting a run in half and when I get to the halfway point, I know there's less ahead of me than what I've already covered. It's a huge motivator for me. I've always felt running is just as much mental as it is physical (sometimes more so) and anything that gives you a mental edge (like breaking a run in half or even smaller chunks) makes things seem a lot more manageable. Knowing there is less ahead of you isn't quite as overwhelming.

My group has definitely worked through their running stumbling blocks (mental and otherwise). They are well on their way to reaching their goals. This past Sunday the Half Marathoners put another 10 miles in the mile bank and the 5Kers ran their first 3-mile run without walk breaks. Tonight the HMers will do their first speed workout as they sharpen their running skills before their taper and the 5Kers will put in another 2.5 miles in the bank. Everyone is doing really well. It's hard to run in the summer. Between the heat, vacations, weird schedules, etc., sometimes fitting in a run is too difficult. These runners have juggled running with life and have made this whole running-training-for-a-race thing look easy!

I can't wait to see everyone cross that finish line in 4 weeks!