Monday, February 6, 2012

Cardiff Kook 5K & 10K

I have found my first race here that I hope to do every year!

Yesterday we ran the Cardiff Kook Run 5K and it was a blast! The Cardiff Kook is a statue of a surfer sitting on Highway 101, that has become a symbol of the lifestyle of the area. It's real name is The Magic Carpet Ride but the locals have embraced it as the Kook, often dressing it up in various costumes. We run by it every Saturday on our long run and I actually look forward to seeing it and the outfit it may be wearing at the time. When it was announced that there would be a race, I was all for it. I know proceeds from the race will help restore the Kook, keeping it as kooky as possible.

Can't beat this for a race start!
The race started at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, ran through some side streets and then out to 101. The 5K turned around before the Kook but the 10K ran past the Kook. It was a great course but a little tight at times with all the people. The right lane of 101 was closed to cars for the race in areas, so it wasn't too bad for the first half of the race. But at the turnaround, it looked as though the lane was no longer completely closed and runners had to avoid oncoming traffic. And the water stop was also at the turnaround, causing more congestion. If I had a gripe, it would be that area. There should have been more space for the turnaround as it could have been a bad situation with the oncoming traffic.

To honor the Kook, the race also included a costume contest. There were some great costumes out there. Cowboys and Indians, sharks, a group of very fast women dressed as Flamingos, Ghandi, Batman (there were several super heroes represented), pirates, bumble bees and more. But don't let the costumes fool you! There were some serious runners out there as well. The winner of the 10K did it in 31 minutes and change and the winner of the 5K did so in just over 16 minutes. Whether you're looking for a fast time or a fun time, this race is one where you can have both!

We got our Kook on!
A dear friend of mine is in town and we were just planning on running it for fun, so we decided to run with my twin daughters in their stroller and just have a great time. My husband and son didn't officially run, but my son did cross the finish line with us. We didn't wear costumes, but I think next year that is definitely a possibility. Look for the entire Gill family to toe the line in costume!

It was a beautiful morning and I'm already looking forward to doing this race again next year!

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