Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Make It Work

The strength I felt on Thanksgiving morning has definitely carried me through the weekend and today. I haven't felt this strong in so long, I'm so excited.

After Saturday's 10-miler, I ran a 4-mile trail run with my good friend Lynne and her nephew Ian in a new place I had never run before. It was awesome discovering the terrain and feeling it in my legs and hips. It was awesome traversing the creek, hopping on rocks and hoping I didn't fall in.

Yesterday was a rest day and today was a killer. Short run followed by a kettleball workout. My legs are shaking a little as I type. I think I did 800 squats and lunges. I'm pretty impressed that I didn't crack my skull open, flinging that kettleball around.

I also registered for 3 races in the last 12 hours. I registered for the bike ride the day after Myrtle Beach Marathon, the new half marathon in New York City (the 13.1 series) and I entered the lottery for the Cherry Blossom. I am a bit peeved that Cherry Blossom is a lottery this year. I hope I get in. It's my absolute favorite DC race.

While I still have my moments of sadness (I cried a lot last night), I feel stronger than I have in months. I finally feel like I'm recovering and finding myself again. It's such an awesome feeling. Anyone that has ever been in a deep depression knows, when you find yourself and you can peek out of the hole you're in, it's a great thing.

Happy running!


  1. Hey Jenn, glad to hear you're feeling better now. I have to give you a ton of credit for being able to continue answering silly questions about running when going through such a thing in your private life.

    I registered for the NY half as well, or should I say I joined the lottery. I hope to get in as I've never even been to NY and it would be quite the experience.

  2. Hey Jamie!

    So good to hear from you. That's great that you've registered for the NYC half. It's a good thing they're having that race earlier in the year now. It's usually in July when it's deathly hot and humid. It's a fun race. I hope you get in, you'll enjoy it. Running in a city you've never been to is the best way to see it, in my opinion :)

    Hope your training continues to go well and keep in touch!!