Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Make It Work

The strength I felt on Thanksgiving morning has definitely carried me through the weekend and today. I haven't felt this strong in so long, I'm so excited.

After Saturday's 10-miler, I ran a 4-mile trail run with my good friend Lynne and her nephew Ian in a new place I had never run before. It was awesome discovering the terrain and feeling it in my legs and hips. It was awesome traversing the creek, hopping on rocks and hoping I didn't fall in.

Yesterday was a rest day and today was a killer. Short run followed by a kettleball workout. My legs are shaking a little as I type. I think I did 800 squats and lunges. I'm pretty impressed that I didn't crack my skull open, flinging that kettleball around.

I also registered for 3 races in the last 12 hours. I registered for the bike ride the day after Myrtle Beach Marathon, the new half marathon in New York City (the 13.1 series) and I entered the lottery for the Cherry Blossom. I am a bit peeved that Cherry Blossom is a lottery this year. I hope I get in. It's my absolute favorite DC race.

While I still have my moments of sadness (I cried a lot last night), I feel stronger than I have in months. I finally feel like I'm recovering and finding myself again. It's such an awesome feeling. Anyone that has ever been in a deep depression knows, when you find yourself and you can peek out of the hole you're in, it's a great thing.

Happy running!