Friday, April 17, 2009


I created this blog to serve as a forum for the running community. I hope to post many articles about not only the technical aspects of running, but how running fits into life. Sometimes running is something that has to be fit into a person's life; sometimes a person's life and activities have to fit into his or her running. It's a balance, and a delicate one at that. As a runner, a full-time writer and running coach, wife of a triathlete, and the mother of a 3-year old, finding the balance between life and running is often difficult. But it isn't impossible.

I chose "Run Your Victory Lap" as the title of my blog because that's what I feel is the prize for all of our hard work: the victory lap. It could be something that takes weeks, even months, to prepare for such as a race, but it could also be your everyday run. It's the prize we get for lacing up our shoes. I am thankful to be a runner. I feel privileged that I can call myself a runner. And every run, regardless of its importance, is my victory lap.

Happy running!

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