Monday, April 20, 2009

The 113th Boston Marathon

Wow. I was able to catch the last half hour of the Boston Marathon online at Universal Sports. What a race!

Kara Goucher, who is the future of women's marathoning in the US, pushed hard to place third. There was a lot of pressure on Kara to become the first American female winner of Boston since 1985. And she had a great shot at the win. But
Salina Kosgie of Kenya won it in 2:32:16 (!), finishing just one second before Dire Tune of Ethiopia (last year's winner who won by 2 seconds). Kara ran a 2:32:25, which is only 9 seconds off the winning time. These ladies pushed and fought for the last few miles. In fact, I thought Dire and Salina were going to start elbowing each other as they neared the finish line. It was such a great race.

The men had just as an exciting race. Ryan Hall, who I think is the future of men's marathoning in the US, lead the race for some time. I think the hard pace from the start hurt him a bit. Like Kara, he had a lot of pressure on him too. That's got to take a toll both physically and mentally. But he still held on for third. Derbia Merga from Ethiopia won in 2:08:42, Daniel Rono from Kenya was second and Ryan was third. Ryan was pushing so hard at the end there was a slight chance he could get second but just didn't have enough left. Oh, it was so exciting.

I get extremely emotional when I watch races, for many reasons. I am, first and foremost, inspired by the sheer talent of these runners. I also get really emotional when I see the emotions are their faces. I know every emotion going through them. Well, maybe not every one...I've never won a marathon before ;) But I have a pretty good idea of what is fleeting through them. And lastly, I get emotional because I just plain LOVE being a runner. Watching this race, and countless others, makes me thankful that I am a part of this community.

Congratulations to ALL runners taking part in the events of the Boston Marathon.

Happy running!

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